Subsidized Transportation and Cabin Rental Opportunities

CSI Northwest (previously known as HAGI) offers subsidized rates for our Cabin rentals and transportation through various subsidy programs funded by CSI Northwest TV Bingo.

Eligible candidates must be utilizing ODSP or be on senior citizen with full supplements in order to qualify for these subsidy programs.

Please call Terri at 343-0414 for more information regarding these subsidy options.

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Lost and Found

When a staff individual finds any guest article he/she will immediately report to the Housekeeper.

The on site supervisor must fill out a lost and found slip which will contain useful information about the item ie. found location, finder name, item description, etc.

The item must be then transferred in a theft free lost and found cupboard of which the keys are maintained by the executive housekeeper. The item must be associated with the lost and found slip.

The on site supervisor will make lost and found slip in triplicate. One slip is kept within item in the cupboard, the second copy is to be sent to the main office department, and the third copy will be kept inside Lost and found register.

If available, we will send any information to the guest about their lost item(s).

For a long distance guest; if the related item’s weight is less than 5 kg then the housekeeping department can forward this to the guest address free of cost. If the item is more than 5 kg then the guest must pay for any extra delivery expenses.

The on site supervisor will hand over the item to the guest after taking signatures, the answer from the guest must satisfy the on site supervisor and the housekeeping staff about their item.

If the guest is unknown, the item must be maintained in cupboard for 6 months.

After 6 months Wilderness Discovery will be liable to dispose of the item by giving it to the finder , disposing, or by auction.

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Cabin Selection

Wilderness Discovery reserves the right to refuse the request for specific Cabins. We do this in order to create a fair environment for all of our guests whether new or old to the Wilderness Discovery experience. For more information regarding our bedrooms layouts, please visit our Rooms & Cabin Page.

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Right to Refuse

Wilderness Discovery maintains the right to refuse service to any individual at any time that does not adhere to the policies and procedures as stated in our Guest Handbook located in each Cabin. 

Before a right to refusal will occur, we will do our best to educate and/or provide verbal warnings regarding any incident that occurs. If further incidents occur, Wilderness Discovery maintains the right to ask that the guests in question vacate the property at the soonest and safest time without refund.

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Wilderness Discovery reserves the right to change our rates without notice. However, the applicable costs for your reservation will remain in effect compared to the time of confirmation.

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